Exercise Exorcism


I rode past the site of my accident today. It is the first time I’ve ridden this 100Km route since the day I came off. Cloudy and some rain but still a nice trip. Keeping to my training plan and hope I’ll make progress. I plan a fitness test in a couple of weeks.


WTF %^*&!!!


Weight today was 93.7Kg

I’ve done a good weeks training including a very difficuly 150k trip around the Comeragh mountains with 2000m of climbing. I’ve eaten well with no alcohol for 3 weeks and no eating out. 1.7K heavier than last week and 2.7Kg heavier than the week before. There is no f*&$ing Justice

Just gotta keep going. 50Km tomorrow morning and 78Km Massrock trip on Weds

So far, so good


Did my two days training and am now resting. Enjoyed the hill repeats last night. Did all 5 runs in times within a few seconds of each other. Slight but definite progress seen. Reckon if I follow THE plan I will be as good as I can be.

Final Plan


Sat down tonight to do a plan for the week when I realised that there are only 40 days to Dartmoor. Everyday is accounted for and I can pretty much plan every pedal stroke until the start line at Albertville. The most alarming thing is that I will only be able to do three 150Km + spins between now and Dartmoor and that’s at a push.

I have been unwell for the past few days mainly due to overtraining last week. Was feeling great but then noticed that my maximum heart rate was 5-10 beats lower than usual. I eased off but still became ill over the weekend and got no significant training done. It all stemmed from failing to rest after my first hill repeats of the year.

Key: Need to rest harder and train harder. Need to stop pushing myself on every ride.

I will go easy on the easy spins and push harder on the hard spins.