Sean Kelly Tour


Two typical cyclist get ready to start SKT 2012

My sixth Sean Kelly tour. I arrived fresh and ready to go at the start line. Sunny day with no wind. Managed to get around slower than 2 years ago when I arrived at the start slightly drunk with 4 hours sleep! Ah well at least I posted my fastest times up each of the main climbs.

Really enjoyable day with good Craic and great Marshals. Rebel tour awaits …



Off roading!


Mountain biking in North Wales. Left Manchester city centre at 8am, at 09:15 I was peddling up a hill at oysysky trail centre.

Day cloudy and scenery nice we headed out and up from the trail centre. After a gentle climb the trail became faster and more technical. Enjoyable stuff until we took a wrong turn and found ourselves on a step and rocky black section. Finished when a series of three corkscrew funnels spat us back onto a fire road.

Traveling on we stopped to regroup. I took up the lead for the first time . Within 50m we past a group of hardcore bikers covered in muck catching their breath. Looking cool I swept through them and headed onto a northface obstacle. Bit of a drop off, not to worry it’s only a red route. Speed up, looking cool. Shit this looks tricky. Oh shit 4′ drop. Oh shit can’t stop. Oh Shit this is going to hurt. Bike gets air, front wheel lands hard, suspension compresses, I lurge forward waiting for suspension to bottom out. This is going to hurt! Handle bars rise to meet me, my bum lands back on the saddle. I’m in one piece!

Back at the trail head Sausage butty and coffee were waiting !

4 counties and 2 countries


Beautiful cycle around the North West with Hugh and Brendan. Why no photo of the beautiful countryside you ask? Why a photo of a pile of sweat stained smelly cycling gear! Well Hugh and Brendan hammered me yet again. They powered down the road leaving me struggling to stay on their wheel. Made it to the top of the main climb and then struggled less on the home leg as the road and wind were in or favor. Didn’t get a chance to catch my breath nevermind¬† take a photo.

120km, good company, beautiful scenery, homemade scones and a pint of Moran ‘s Guinness . Perfect day

Pointy hat


First proper ride since coming back from France. Wiggins did 44km in 50 min 39 secs to win Olympic gold this afternoon. The same distance took me 1hr 20 min and 58 secs. It’s amazing the difference those pointy hats make. I feel like Lauren Fignon