Weight loss, that is guaranteed*


The Oscar Neo juicer.  The answer to all my problems

* This is not a guarantee


Decisions, decisions …

Okay so I’m online searching for easy answers to my problems.



I could disappear to Poland for a few days for a ‘Conference’ and come back 16 pints of adipose tissue lighter.  That’s 2 gallons of lard

Sounds good but life isn’t all about hardship. I’d like to have a bit of fun too.  That’s when I discovered  ‘Tickle  liposuction’


This guy even contacted me having read my last blog.


On the one hand I know there are no easy answers on the other he’s wearing a white coat …

In the end I went for this


V for failure


Dartmoor Hysteria reached new heights last week when the cycle sold out within hours. People obviously keen to be part of history as I go for another unique gold medal attempt.

My focus switches once again to my weight. The graph is shaping up to give me my annual ‘V’ sign. This year I am determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past 9 years.

I know that there are no quick fixes for weight loss so I am taking to the Internet this afternoon, armed with my Visa card determined to find the solution to my weight gain …

Fall back


Beautiful mild Autumn weather means great cycles on the quiet country roads on North Cork.

The days getting shorter and the mornings darker but still great cycling to be had

Next thing on agenda is the route for the Tour de France and the announcement of L’etape du tour route.  Rumours suggest Tourmalet/Hautacam but this would be a repeat of 2008. A start/finish in the same town would probably be too much to ask for again but the atmosphere and Craic in Annecy last year was brilliant

€850 derailleur or 2 cent cable tie


So I’m sitting in the kitchenette at work having lunch with the office manager flicking through an old copy of Cycling weekly when … F@$^ING HELL! The contents of my mouth exploded across the table. The stain from that pumpkin soup will never come off of that wall.

I spent €850 on a brand new derailleur plus €300 on bike rental to fix a known fault that I could have remedied with a 2 cent cable tie. I am annoyed with Shimano.

I will write. Watch this space