Got up at 7 am and headed out in the beautiful frosty morning to cycle one hundred miles. Nearly seven hours later I arrived home. This madness was inspired by a STRAVA weekend challange. Will continue to get my base miles in and start interval work in late March or early April.




Paddy and Jaclyn have both express disappointment at not featuring in my widely followed blog. As my path to cycling glory weaves it’s way uphill towards it’s summit I occasionally cross paths with others. For the most part they are an inconvenience but occasionally they enrich the journey. Today I went for a winter spin with the afore mentioned Jaclyn and Paddy. As I stood waiting for them at various points I reflected on my training so far. Thanks to Jaclyn’s abuse (predictive text error but better than my original choice- advise) and support my weight loss has gone well. I am lighter now than I have ever been at this time of year. Thanks to Paddy’s optimistic world view I am keeping positive about my struggle for gold

Winter weekend


Cycled 100 km on Saturday and Sunday. Got up first thing Saturday morning. Got a stew cooking and then prepared to hit the road. Still ice at the side of the road so back in for coffee to give the bright morning sun to rise above the hedge line. Finally got on the road but after 1 hour I noticed my back wheel unstable. 2 loose spokes that would not tightened despite the fact that for once I had the correct tool for the job. Did the last 80 km slow and steady. Spin took me more that 4 hours and I was glad to fall in the door to a warm stove and a hot stew. Today? I went out and did it all again