The best laid plans of Mice and Men …


Well as you probably guessed I did not make it to the start line of etape Du Tour. I headed out on my final spin before heading to France a couple of days later. My bike was packed and on its way to France. My bags lay open on my bed and all my stuff was laid out to be packed. The final step in my preparation was a 104Km spin around Kanturk,, Rockchapel and up the Massrock. I headed off at 10am and did not return for 5 days.

Heading off the top of the hill between Rockchapel and Turnafulla I lost control on the desent and can remember landing in the ditch. I immediately got to my feet and realised that my colar bone was broken and knew that I would not be going to France. I remember checking the bike and then the pain hit. A good samaratan arrived on the scene but was reluctant to call an ambulance. I borrowed his phone and made the call. Then things become vague ;-). The ambulance seemed to arrive in a couple of minutes and I immediately felt safe. I am extremely grateful for their kindness and professionalism. I was put aboard. The ambulance headed down the road to MWRH limerick. After a time the ambulance pulled over and I was transferred to a different ambulance with an EMT aboard so that I could be given Morphine.

The next few days are a haze of Morphine and discomfort. I had a few injuries but thankfully made good progress. I had a knee laceration explored and stitched under general anaesthetic, I had a fractured Clavicle, 3 fractured ribs, a pneumothorax, a haemothorax, surgical emphysema and a lobar atelectasis.. I was discharged out of hospital a few days later. I got back to work on the 18th of July and began driving today the 25th. I am finaly begin to feel normal. I still can’t raise my arm and have vertigo but I can feel myself getting better everyday.

I am grateful to all my friends and families who made my recovery easy


Four am

Four am is the long night of the soul. I was in pain and crooked, got dressed and paced the room. Getting up hurt so much I was slow to lie back down. Two hours to more morphine. Did not want to take breakthrough meds in case they used it as an excuse to keep me. Two  paracetamol and a sleep and I felt much better.

Have had breakfast, started crossword and await ward round

Clearer head


Resting in Seomra 3 a few hours after theatre. Going for rib and CXR and then home (?). Looks like this is the only view of the tour I’m going to get.

My form is good and I’m well on my way to getting addicted to prescription meds

Pain hurts

Sitting on a trolley in A & E. Last training before France. Fell and smashed my head and broke my collar bone. Have had 10mg of morphine and am still in pain. Thirsty, cold and in pain. This is shit. I will be here for several hours. X ray, dressing +/- admission. Can not see me making cycle.


Ambulance- Pre Morphine

Success hurts

Silver medal  achieved but it hurt. 6 hours and 53 minutes. The dartmoor challenge took place on a brilliantly sunny hot day- 25° C for most of it.

From the start I made good progress my heart rate was high but I do not feel I pushed too hard but then bang. My heart rate peaked at 178bpm as I crested a steep short hill just after half way. After brief descent I turned right with a group of about ten and started the double climb towards Princeton. I began to struggle and then I was out the back. The rest of the day was pain!

The start of the hil was steep and at times I despaired. I wondered if my fast time was disintegrating before my eyes. I constantly was tring to calculate what my finish time was likely to be. I had forgotten what the total distance was, I had forgotten what my times were from last year and I even forgot what the silver medal time was. This was all due to fatigue, heat and the sun.