Mid May

Shed not a Kilo til May be out

Two weeks left in the month and training is going well but so is eating. I did some serious gym work during my week off the bike.

I spent the weekend on the beautiful kaurst hills and windy coast of Clare. Saturday was a great spin- I felt I was flying and I knocked ten minutes off my spin from three weeks ago. As I powered (?) Up the Corker hill I was cheered by a crowd of German sightseers who had gotten off their tour bus to photograph Galway bay.

Alas my weight is unchanged. I am committed to continuing. I am up at 6: 30 for the gym…


May begins

Preparation continues a pace. In the last few weeks I have begun to increase my hill work. Three weeks of training ended yesterday with my weekly session at the gym.

I have enjoyed my spins up the mountains. Pushing bigger gears this year in the hope of preparing my legs for the long climbs that are ten weeks away.

My  friends ,and etape veterans, Hugh and Brendan came to visit at the weekend and both feel that I seem to be in better shape this year. I am pleased with progress but feel that weight loss in the next six weeks will decide how well I go this summer.

Reviewing last years ride I am puzzled at my GPS readings. I felt great on the day and believed I went well. I suffered on the Tourmalet like everyone but I survived it and arrived back at my hotel fresher than most. My avg power and heart rate for the day was much lower than similar spins that summer. In fact my power was down on all spins before and since. I plan to leave a question on one of the bike forums to see if anybody out there can explain this.

Now I am off to Old Trafford for two big games in five days and some much needed rest.