Big day


Today is a big day in the Calender.  178 days to the Dartmoor classic.

While most people are tucking into Christmas dinner I am ironing my Dartmoor classic tee shirt and planning my training schedule for 2014

Obsession is a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated.

Now if only I could stop myself putting on 10 Kg every winter


Winter arrives


Hard to beat cycling around the roads of Ireland on a dry winter’s day.  November had plenty of mild weather with beautiful light.

I got my Rocklobster hardtail mountain bike back from the bike hospital and took it up the Ballyhouras for a few spins. I am a bit rusty but it’s hard to beat the fun of fat tires and mud.

Even posted a PB on Duckster lane on STRAVA. I’m 152nd out of  300 despite giving my name to the segment