One hour later


You see, less than one hour after whinging about my weight I have just enjoyed a Pineapple cake, carrot cake and cheese cake. Then my coffee arrives with a chocolate spoon! ūüôā


Tic Toc …

End of April and again I have not done enough about my weight! Every year is the same. I train in the cold and wet everyday I can and then I let all the hard work go to waist (Sic) by eating everything in sight! even if I lose 1Kg per week I will be well above my weight target. 


Training is going reasonably well. Cannot follow a strict plan as there have been a couple of personal emergencies. I have managed a couple of 150Km + cycles. Last weekend I completed the Aware cycle all around Connemara in tough wind and yesterday I did a long route all around Co. Clare from Kinvara.

Where to from here?

          1) Patience- Keeping doing 150km rides and add in weekly hill repeats for the next 4 weeks

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 2) Don’t get cross get even. Keep trying with the diet and weight loss will happen

          3) Make a pilgrage to Mahon falls for hardest hillrepeats ever- Or maybe Seeskin


Twelve angry weeks

Easter weekend and things going well. I think I’m due an easy week soon. Have gone fast over medium distances since I returned from Morocco. I really notice a variation in performance from day to day.

Was in The Burren yesterday and will do some slow steady miles tomorrow