Recovery begins


My years of research by trial and error have allowed me to optimise my recovery. To be honest beer was the first beverage I tried and it seemed to work well.

I’m too tired to write now. Another S Kelly tour finished. 3 mins slower than last year and a lot more shagged finishing


Ready to go


Sitting at the window of my hotel room in Dungarvan watching all the bike laden cars drive by. There is a real buzz in the hotel tonight.

I have just finished getting ready for the Sean Kelly tour tomorrow. Bottles filled, food ready and number pinned to Jersey.

Not sure how difficult tomorrow will be. If L’etape Hibernia is anything thing to go by I fear tomorrow might be tough. I am ill prepared for the distance but what the hell



First day back…

Saturday morning and heading to Dublin when I realised I had time and felt fit enough to go to the gym!

I tried treadmill but my knee would not allow me to run, the rower is out because of my collar bone, tried the stairs but that really hurt my knee. Guess what? The only thing I was fit to do was the bike! Irony.

Did 30 minutes got my heart rate up. No pain and felt good.

Fourteen days to Etape Hibernia and twenty-one to Sean Kelly. Who knows?