There are no clean cyclist


48km in the freezing cold and was slower than I was two years ago. I have come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to boost my performance by artifical means. I have discovered a substance that researchers in Northampton university claim can boost the performance of an athlete by 10%. I found this substance on open sale in Charleville. I purchased some and plan to use it in training this weekend. I realise I have crossed the rubicon and there is no going back. I feel ashamed but I am obsessed by Gold in Dartmoor.


Everything matters

Resoloution 2013 : Everything matters.

No list of promises this year.  Looking back on previous years I notice that my lists stay the same and so do my results. After much contemplation and inspiration from friends I have decided on the above statement.

Everything matters.  What I am hoping to achieve matters and every decision I make along the way matters.  I will enjoy the journey.

First lesson of 2013

Always carry a chain tool and some spare links.


Standing in the cold waiting for my saviour Helen to rescue me.  As I was pedalling along I thought to myself that it was over a year since I put this chain on. Decided I would check it for wear and change it when I got back.  Didn’t quite get the chance

New Year

Four hours and 100km around North Cork- a statement of my intent for 2013. Beautiful sunny crisp cold Winter’s morning. Now I’m snoozing in front of a wood stove after a hot bowl of stew. I have great intentions for the New Year as usual. They seem similar to previous years and thus likely to yield the same result. That is “close but no cigar”. I will therefore give it more thought and publish my list in the coming days or weeks

20 weeks to go to Dartmoor classic