Stormy night


Completed difficult hill repeats after work. Wet and stormy weather meant I had to hide from the weather in the past two days. Headed out to Ardpatrick after work, got changed in the rain and made my way to the bottom of the Lacka. Raced up it 6 times. Attempts in the middle lacked intensity as I began to day dream but picked it up for the last attempt. This is my last weekend of training before heading to Dartmoor on Thursday.

Ouch! That hurt


Finished my seventh Wicklow 200 yesterday. It was the toughest I can remember. I travelled much of the way with Brendan and Hugh but eventually I faded. Later I bonked half way up the Shay Elliot. I slowed to crawling pace and began to shiver as I suffered on the hill.

My mind drifted to Les etapes and I have to wonder if I’m up to the task. I ate, drank and warmed up in Rathdrum only to fall behind Brendan and Hugh shortly after getting back on the road.

Suffered along and eventually got pissed when the group I was riding with were leaving all the work to me. I rode off the front and broke my b@lls to get away. I expected to see them all again but was impresssed by my determination. It served as a bit of a tonic to my dinted pride.

The good feeling didn’t last though. When I got to Shoreline leisure centre I found Hugh and Brendan finishing their second course of pasta and considering setting up a search party to find me. I felt physically unwell as I travelled back home. I didn’t make it home in time for the match. I collapsed into my chair too weak to text my friends or post a blog. I drank 3 litres of fluid last night and this morning was still 1Kg lighter than Friday. A good nights sleep and I felt much better today. I hope that ride makes me stronger



The Wicklow 200 is on tomorrow. Traveled up to Dublin today. Relaxing in the Parkview Hotel in Wicklow. Collected my bike from it’s service and went for a short spin with Brendan to ensure all was in order. Laying out my kit before heading out for dinner and a couple of pints.

Bank holiday


Bank holiday Monday and the morning was beautiful and Sunny.

Spent three hours last night changing the cleats on my cycling shoes- three hours, I kid you not. All of the bolts were ceased and when I eventually hacksawed the plastic cleats off the bolts would turn but not move along the threads. Finally got things sorted and got to bed at one am- sad.

Relaxed for the morning and eventually got on the road. Did the same 100Km as last week. This time I was on my winter bike as my main wheels have gone in for a service. Took things easy and got in a good endurance building session. Trying to decide what to do over the next two days. Choice is to rest tomorrow and do a fast 3 hour spin on Wednesday or to do an easy 50Km tomorrow and hill repeats on Wednesday.



Working today so I got up early to do my hill repeats. Reached the steepest part of the 3Km climb to see definite signs of progress. Despite the 8% gradient I have been going fast enough to scare the locals and the Council want me to stay below 30Kph.

I’ll try but I cannot promise anything