Bank holiday


Bank holiday Monday and the morning was beautiful and Sunny.

Spent three hours last night changing the cleats on my cycling shoes- three hours, I kid you not. All of the bolts were ceased and when I eventually hacksawed the plastic cleats off the bolts would turn but not move along the threads. Finally got things sorted and got to bed at one am- sad.

Relaxed for the morning and eventually got on the road. Did the same 100Km as last week. This time I was on my winter bike as my main wheels have gone in for a service. Took things easy and got in a good endurance building session. Trying to decide what to do over the next two days. Choice is to rest tomorrow and do a fast 3 hour spin on Wednesday or to do an easy 50Km tomorrow and hill repeats on Wednesday.



Working today so I got up early to do my hill repeats. Reached the steepest part of the 3Km climb to see definite signs of progress. Despite the 8% gradient I have been going fast enough to scare the locals and the Council want me to stay below 30Kph.

I’ll try but I cannot promise anything