Success hurts

Silver medal  achieved but it hurt. 6 hours and 53 minutes. The dartmoor challenge took place on a brilliantly sunny hot day- 25° C for most of it.

From the start I made good progress my heart rate was high but I do not feel I pushed too hard but then bang. My heart rate peaked at 178bpm as I crested a steep short hill just after half way. After brief descent I turned right with a group of about ten and started the double climb towards Princeton. I began to struggle and then I was out the back. The rest of the day was pain!

The start of the hil was steep and at times I despaired. I wondered if my fast time was disintegrating before my eyes. I constantly was tring to calculate what my finish time was likely to be. I had forgotten what the total distance was, I had forgotten what my times were from last year and I even forgot what the silver medal time was. This was all due to fatigue, heat and the sun.


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