Ouch! That hurt


Finished my seventh Wicklow 200 yesterday. It was the toughest I can remember. I travelled much of the way with Brendan and Hugh but eventually I faded. Later I bonked half way up the Shay Elliot. I slowed to crawling pace and began to shiver as I suffered on the hill.

My mind drifted to Les etapes and I have to wonder if I’m up to the task. I ate, drank and warmed up in Rathdrum only to fall behind Brendan and Hugh shortly after getting back on the road.

Suffered along and eventually got pissed when the group I was riding with were leaving all the work to me. I rode off the front and broke my b@lls to get away. I expected to see them all again but was impresssed by my determination. It served as a bit of a tonic to my dinted pride.

The good feeling didn’t last though. When I got to Shoreline leisure centre I found Hugh and Brendan finishing their second course of pasta and considering setting up a search party to find me. I felt physically unwell as I travelled back home. I didn’t make it home in time for the match. I collapsed into my chair too weak to text my friends or post a blog. I drank 3 litres of fluid last night and this morning was still 1Kg lighter than Friday. A good nights sleep and I felt much better today. I hope that ride makes me stronger


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