The Rebel tour


The Bearra peninsula is The most beautiful place to cycle in the word! 160Km of bliss. Left Glengarriff in the morning sunshine and headed up the Caha pass. Other cyclists were friendly and the day past quickly. I worked hard on the flat but dropped back on the climbs. Coming down from the Healy pass I tired to rejoin the group that dropped me on the climb. They were a group of ten and I was on my own into the wind. 20Km to go I saw them ahead (300m), 17Km and could hear them (70m), 15Km to go and I plan to close the gap with 10Km to go and maybe leave them behind me. I get out of the saddle and stomp for 1 minute (30m). Head down. I push harder- look up (20m). I decide to rest and try to close the gap later 11Km to go. There is no later. The road climbs and they disappear ahead of me. I do not see them again. I catch and pass some Southside Wheely wheelers but in truth I am not stronger than them. They are nursing one of their number home. This was the most enjoyable Irish sportif of the year and maybe the toughest




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