Tour de Conemara


Wet, wet, wet …

This was a tough day on the bike. Rain started just as I pulled my car in at Clifden. The rain continued all day. Making the cycling difficult.

The road was wet and greasy as we snaked our way out of Clifden. I intended to go off fast but met an old friend and spent the first two hours sitting in and chatting. I reckoned I need my energy later and I was right.

I went well but was never able to get my heart rate up.. I reckon this is because of the intensity of training recently. I finished strongly, particularly on the climbs. I pushed to the limited but was restricted by pain in my legs rather than my cardiovascular capacity maxing out. I was faster than most but there were a few groups I just could not stay with.

Looking at my schedule I reckon I’m going to have to plan carefully to make sure I taper my training down as Dartmoor arrives


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