Six days and ten hours to go. All that remains now is a few spins to keep everything ticking over and make sure that myself and a bike arrive at the start in working order

This might sound simple but last year I left all my food and water bottles in the car that I had no key for, Four years ago I started the Etape with cranks that were loose and last year I cycled Etape Act I with a pedal that was cracked and Act II dressed in short sleeves through hail storms.

Today I went for a short spin and noticed a new noise that had appeared when in a higher gear. I dismounted to discover that my chain was running outside the rear derailleur. This happened earlier this year and so when I changed the chain and cassette last week I did it in front of Nic to ensure I did it correctly.  So how did it get that way?  I can only assume that the derailleur had come loose. This would explain the noise I had been try to resolve for the past month.

I think it’s okay now but Ger is going to take a look for me tomorrow.


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