Well oiled


This is what happens when you cycle behind and slightly to the right of a well oiled bike on the A49 for nine hours.

Sitting in a sunny conservatory looking out over rural pastures and sipping coffee it is hard to recall the hell that was yesterday.

7 miles to go, rain teeming, every part of us soaked and teeth chattering… Psssst. Puncture. It took myself and Paul 1 minute to get everything out and ready and then we took 4 attempts each to do the simple job of putting the tube inside the tyre. Our hands we numb and Manual Dexterity was a Spanish Dancer. We managed to make it the last 7 miles and collapsed at the side of the Caravan. We were all a little dazed and suffering from mild exposure.

Breakfast finished, time to oil the bikes and get on the road to Bath


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