The high life


The life of a JOGLER is not always as glamorous as you might think. It’s not all Gypsy Caravans and fresh fruit & yogurt and how would you like you eggs.

We took nearly two hours to complete the last 5 miles. We stopped on Bridge over looking the A30 and ate the last of our food. It was less than one mile from the finish but we all needed to stop and as we stood there chatting and eating in the rain I slowly came to realise we had all suffered a good knock.

In the dark we arrived at the check in desk soaked and clip clopping in our shoes. The girl at the desk didn’t look up. She left the key on the desk and still looking at the VDU she pointed over her shoulder and said ‘The is more secure parking at the back’ We could have been Lord Lucan and Shergar doing our own version of ‘Into the West’

Dinner? Little Chef of course


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