New Year Revolutions


2014 gets underway. Managed to get out on the mountain bike for a short spin.

Christmas was busy and I didn’t manage much cycling. If I recall correctly I managed to cycle 100Km on Jan 1st last year. First weigh in of the year today.

My resolutions?

1) Get to target weight by April first
2) Match millage from last year
3) Beat times on spins from last year

Winter arrives


Hard to beat cycling around the roads of Ireland on a dry winter’s day.  November had plenty of mild weather with beautiful light.

I got my Rocklobster hardtail mountain bike back from the bike hospital and took it up the Ballyhouras for a few spins. I am a bit rusty but it’s hard to beat the fun of fat tires and mud.

Even posted a PB on Duckster lane on STRAVA. I’m 152nd out of  300 despite giving my name to the segment