One door closes …

Well my bike fit details just arrived in time for me to order my new frame. Yes, after 4 etapes,  5 Dartmoor classics, 5 Wicklow 200 and 5 Sean Kelly tours my beautiful Pinarello has developed a cracked frame.

My Pinarello was purchased just as financial disaster struck Ireland and like a man eating Lobster as the Titanic sank, I felt the were two choices I had with a modest financial windfall I had recieved. One was to invest the money (€5k) wisely in a steady commodity like gold or to blow it on a ridiculously expensive toy that I would not be able to afford for several years. Lobster tastes great and my Pinarello was a dream to cycle, brought me great joy and was worth every penny.

Well thanks to a horse that I have cycled past on a few occasions I am able to afford to replace my Pinarello.

Ireland remains in financial crises and my bank balance remains red so when Lord Windemere won the Gold cup by a nose he allowed me to continue to cycle in the style I am accustomed. More on this later


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