Tamed the Beast, humbled by Las Palomas


Well my weeks  training is over and as my flight climbs above Southern Spain I gaze down at the mountains picking out mountain bike routes. Then my eyes notice a lake that is familiar. I think I can make out Grazamela and Las Palomas.

The week was terrific. If I talk about the facilities, expertise and the routes provided by Andulucian cycling Experience I will sound like a infomercial. Suffice to say I will be back.

It was a week of mixed performance. I’m afraid I made the rookie mistake of going too hard on the first day. I spent nearly 4 hours at my threshold heat rate and paid for it on the following two days where I was barely able to get my heart rate above 60% max.

Thursday I went well getting up The Beast in the middle of the pack however I paid for my efforts on Friday’s mountain time trial when I trailed in a few minutes after the others. I was disappointed that I was not able to sustain my effort the whole way up Las Palomas but I did what I could do and I kept doing it.


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