July 12th 2013 Annecy France.

‘Next year I’m doing the Haute Route. Stated Hugh. ‘ Will you do it? ‘
‘I will’ I replied
‘If you say you’ll do it you have to do it, right? ‘ Hugh lays down the ground rules

‘I’ll book it tomorrow when I arrive back in Ireland’

05:30 August 30th 2014 Dublin Airport Departures.

I’m sitting having coffee with Hugh waiting to board my  06:40 flight to Barcelona to begin Haute Route Pyrenees

“Will passengers traveling to Merseile on flight EI3695 to Merseile please go to gate 213?’

”Well we gotta go”  remarks Hugh as he and his beautiful girlfriend rise and reach for their bags ”Good luck in the  Haute Route”

“Thanks”  I sigh.

As he maneuvers his wheely bags around the tables in the airport bar he glances back

‘Brendan says your over trained but I’m sure you’ll be fine”  and he is gone.

I am alone in Terminal 2, 9kg over weight, waiting to board my flight for Haute Route Pyrenees


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