Hold on, cause this is gonna hurt like hell


Stage Ripoll to Font-Romeu
93.1km m Climbing 2,314m Avg moving Speed 19.3kph Average Heart rate 155bpm

General Classament 168th of 186

The photo above shows the bags that were remaining at the Finishing village as I began the slow walk to Hotel Pyrenees with my head down. Each bag represents another soul struggling up the final 11km climb to the finish.

168th of 186 who finished. This does not bode well for the rest of the week- and today was the easy day! 

Tomorrow has two climbs averaging 8.1% end at 3 Ax Domaine. I do not feel great- time to dig in.

7hrs 30 min to avoid elimination.  This Haute Route will be long and difficult (or very short 🙂 )


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