The Cooler King

Any  cycle where you gotta pack your passport, two currencies and no rain jacket is a good cycle. Headed in to France to visit a town called Thorens that was calling out to me on the map.

Did a route on my Garmin over breakfast and 2 hours later I was up in the mountains surrounded by grazing cattle, gliding buzzards and the smell of wild flowers.

I paused at the col des fleuries to enjoy the moment when my phone beeped a message. Eir texted to inform me I was ‘now roaming’. Eir was not wrong. 

Descending into Switzerland I expected to see Donald Pleasant and Mannix emerging from the wreckage of a light aircraft. I was tired and anxious to make it to Switzerland. Unlike Steve McQueen I made it across the border on two wheels without any failed bunny hops, barbed wire or drama.


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