My Reichenbach Falls

That man is a ‘grimpeur’, Dr Watson.

‘I have questioned your deductions a hundred times before Holmes’ declares the amiable Doctor. ‘I will not waste my breathe and your time by stating my disbelief. I simply ask that you explain your astonishing deduction’

‘I am surprised Watson that you yourself did not grasp the fact that he is a cyclist with some expertise at ascending the Haute Alps’ Holmes replies and then proceeds to explain. 

‘You will note his stick thin arms and legs.Also you will note the compression socks and his narrow hips. All vital attributes in a grimpeur.’

He goes on. ‘Notice the healing scab on his right elbow , doubtless received in a fall on Tarmacadam from a two wheeled vehicle.’

 ‘He approaches a collection of tents surrounded by a ring of unisex Portaloos, in a metropolitan area that is brimming with lavatories- a sure indication of an impending mass participation sports event. Lastly he carries no bag and there, 15m metres in his wake is a petite lady with a gold wedding band. She is slowly making her way in the same direction burdened by a rucksack, a 60l wheely bag and a large bike box. A bicycle helmet (2 sizes too large for her) is perched upon her head and is slipping down to occlude her vision. This lady is clearly his wife who carries is luggage to persevere his legs for the challenge ahead. 

‘Astounding Holmes! The man is a grimpeur and like you he is rooted in the 19th century ‘ cries Watson 

I wish Jaclyn were here.


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