Measuring up


Last Wednesday I got one of my New Years resolutions out of the way.

I spent a few hours with James O’ Donnell at   getting my bike position improved.

When I go to a hair dresser I tend to bury my head in the 3 month old copy of Hello magazine. I answer the hair dresser’s first two questions in Single syllables,  there by establishing a twenty minute period of peace and quiet. Unfortunately for James when I go for a bike fit I do not do the same thing. I spent 90 minutes telling James all about my previous 10 years of cycling. Telling some anecdotes twice.

James quietly went about his work,  Politely listened to my waffling and occasionally imparted some carefuly chosen advise.

It was enjoyable and informative.  I left with my saddle adjusted upwards, my cleats corrected and headed to the Internet to try to find a wider pair of shoes and a shorter stem.

I’m liking forward to getting some kilometres in to see how the new positions suits.