Wicklow 200


The business end of the year is here. A beautiful sunny Sunday morning greeted us when we arrived in Greystones at 06:30. The shoreline Leisure centre is where Katie Taylor displayed her Olympic Gold medal to the people of Greystones. I’m hoping that is an omen for me.

Hugh, Brendan and I powered around the 200km for our annual sufferfest. Meanwhile Jaclyn completed her first Sportive without any fuss or bother. She was back in Greystones by noon  waiting for us.

Hugh reckons that his annual trip to Wicklow is a great barometer of his good health. Today was his eight and I hope he has many more. I have my eye on Twenty.

The day went well. I managed to keep with the pace for most of the day and finished strongly. Only 12 more Wicklows to go …


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