A day of firsts


Today was a day of firsts.  The first pee in the wild, the first postcard posted from the first post office, the first puncture and the first lunch stop.

The highlight of the day was the first lunch stop. I chose it on the basis of the fact that it contained four high-vis jackets. It was a good choice. A rude waitress with an overly nice owner who was clearly the reason why the waitress hated everyone and everything. I liked the waitress.

The high-viz jackets belonged to the Vintage Bikes Cycle club. They were doing JOGLE by Motor bikes.  Their bikes are vintage and they were vintage. They were brilliant fun and even gave a donation to Rosemere.

One of them who appeared to have fought in the Crimean war pointed out that John O’Groats is not in fact the most northerly point in Britain but rather another point 2 miles away is. He suggested that we would have to retrace our tracks back to the start in order that history recognise our efforts. I suggested that as he was the only person aware of this fact that all we would have to do is take him out of the picture.

It turned out he had an impressive cycling Palmares. In the fifties he had held British records in the 25 mile and 50 mile and had a 50 mile tandem record.  I wasn’t sure if he had these records or just the British record for Lying 2013. Given how sharp and fit he appears I am inclined to believe his account of things.

Arrived to the B&B to meet a man in his seventies touring on his Penny Farthing. He had toured all over Britain and Ireland starting in Jersey and traveling through Galway and Belfast. Finishing on the Shetlands. All on his Penny Faryhing apart from the 28 ferries




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