Day Two JoGLE: keeping an eye out for the beast

Guest Blogger: Jaclyn Hargreaves

Day two’s cycle was a game of two halves as we started with a tough slog along a busy A-road from Tain to Inverness. The remainder of the day took us across the country to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis. Our route was beautiful, hilly and peaceful and we had to take several stops for photos.

We passed Loch Ness hoping for a glimpse of the beast in the deep but unfortunately Nessy remained as elusive as Peter’s Dartmoor gold!


Yesterday was a day of firsts for another reason. The gentlemen with the Penny Farthing caught Peter in the hall and spent a good half an hour bending his ear about his jaunts around British Isles on his vintage steed. When he escaped Peter asked why I didn’t come and save him from the cycle bore who doesn’t stop talking. “I feel your pain Peter, I feel your pain”.


One thought on “Day Two JoGLE: keeping an eye out for the beast

  1. Peter not only can you cycle but you can scribble a decent blog too. Did you have a try on the Pennyfarthing? I’d say it could be interesting. I’d love to be on that trip but since you didn’t invite me so be it. We will have many more I hope. Keep it coming…..I’m off down to Tipp for weekend to do spin around the Glen of Aherlow with a bunch of vets. There could be drink involved. Cheers and safe riding

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