My big fat gypsy cycle


It is an obvious cliché but despite all the cycling and the incredible scenery the really highlight of the trip is the people you meet. 

Angus our landlord drove us into town last night for dinner. He explained that his wife had dementia and not to be concerned if she repeated questions. In the morning he got up at 6am to make us breakfast and then left at 7am to drive another guest to the foot of Ben Nevis.  ‘He tells me he is climbing it today. Mind you he said he was going to climb it yesterday and he didn’t get up until noon. The day before that he said he was going to climb it too ..’ While Angus was gone we meet his wife. She mentioned she was recently told she couldn’t drive because of Alzheimers and that her husband had learned to drive after swearing for years that he would never drive.  His Job?  Captain of a Ferry on the lake.

We arrived in Stirling to our Caravan for the night.  A beautiful heated Caravan with a lovely cosy bed.  Met another guest by the Campfire.  She was alone and drinking Rose having a ‘lost weekend’ ‘I had a week off and felt I had to go away and not waste it.’

Lost weekends with Tennents and wine. Something I often considered.  Initially I thought to myself that I made a different choice but giving it thought I realise I have been drafted by my friends and the miles I have travelled are down largely to them.


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